Gen NBN – Australian Broadband; Today and the Future

Generation NBN, or Gen NBN is the National Broadband Network’s current and future population of a connected Australia, with all the benefits and changes they are getting from the service. This also involves their experiences with the NBN: the technological and life advancements and growth as after effects of what is considered the present and future broadband format. The NBN Company’s vision of a completely NBN connected Australia is starting in this generation, and moving forward.


Gen NBN considers it the most dynamic broadband format, as it is open to all Australians with respect to applicable and suitable multiple options based on subscriber situations, conditions, and preferences. It easily adapts to technology and broadband advancements, and aims to stay long term as partners of economic and technical growth.

It is also the global leader in the global category for the Fixed Wireless format that services rural, regional, remote, offshore, and outback locations. And this is key to the well-proportioned, equal growth and advancement all across the country. This is by providing the same quality and performance across the country, in a bid to equalise all territories when it comes to the NBN service and overall country interconnectivity.

There are six main forward motion fields that NBN is already a leader in, backing each of them just by providing the country’s fastest and most reliable broadband service:

I. Home based employment

With more and more home employment trends going up, so does the demands and technology from the company to their employees. The NBN’s speed and reliability addresses all the needs for a working connection from the convenience of home, from Cloud based servers, to VPN’s (Virtual private networks), video teleconferencing, and other advanced capabilities. As well, the wide coverage reach of the NBN ensures that we can establish a working NBN connection almost everywhere where there is a living, active community in Australia.

II. Small businesses and entrepreneurship

Due to the availability of custom and seemingly business-tailor made options of the NBN and its associated products and services, independent and small business continue to grow without getting left behind by their larger and more powerful corporate peers. They also keep up with all the advancements of business technology and telecommunications.

This is essential, crucial, indispensable to many businesses, with respect to fair pricing, performance, wide coverage reach, and many suitable per situation options of Business NBN. It is “omni-versal” in nature as well, handling all needs and demands of the business sector, from the DIY level business, to freelancer types, small and independent ones, right down to corporate levels and mass usage.

III. Advanced Healthcare and telehealth services

The present and future of Advanced Healthcare in Australia relies heavily on the NBN. With many smart devices and advanced telehealth equipment powered by the NBN, they are allowed to reach maximum potential by providing the fastest access to data, instant medical assistance, and timely medical attention. Medical alarms, monitoring, notification, and telehealth systems and apps are able to do their job almost seamlessly, thanks to the NBN’s inherent properties. Distance and location are no longer factors, even hindrances to getting the best medical options and services available to maintain the country’s overall health.

IV. Advanced Education and Distance Education

Educational materials and classes are no longer under the limitations of distance and schedules. As well, digital materials in their most advanced form, such as those used in business like big file transfers, Cloud based servers, multimedia, video teleconferencing, Virtual Reality, 360 video and such can be easily translated into educational platforms, in order to deliver the best medium and content, and conveniently through the NBN.

The student now controls the schedule and pace, and with no concerns where he or she lives – distance and location are no longer factors or limitations in getting the best education. Those in the rural, regional, remote, offshore, and outback locations are now at par with online based education, instruction, and training. It is parallel to all other advancements with major cities when it comes to content, access, and quality.

V. Modern Farming, Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Agri-businesses

Parallel to all rural and regional businesses growth is the overall modern agricultural enterprise of today. This is by the fusion of traditional agricultural techniques and methods, with advanced equipment and devices, using the capabilities of the NBN and its wide coverage network. Modernising the agricultural, aquacultural and overall agri-business scenes and markets everywhere allows for even better processing, maintenance, distribution, and communications for these industries, to make life easier for both producers and consumers. It also eliminates issues and concerns of old, and make them global-efficient and raise many standards in the agri-business field

VI. Localised Technology and Innovation

More Australians are to become more involved with all the advancements of online connected technology. The NBN as the guiding carrier will see forefront movement from many disparate but future vision driven elements, such as smart watch service apps, real-time view distant drone technologies, remote controlled devices, modern multimedia and content, telecommunications, the modern automated home, and many other aspects of modern Australian life.
This will be parallel as well with the continuous advancement of NBN technologies as a dynamic and upgradeable, long term broadband internet format. It is one of the mission statements of the NBN Co., in their continuous quest of the company to keep one foot in the quality and performance of the present, with the growth and advancement of the future as their vision.

We have seen key milestones in the past few years that continue to bring the present to the future, with such innovations as XG.Fast and FTTC or Fibre to the Curb, The Sky Muster satellites and Satellite NBN, the modernisation of rural and other distant regions, hybrid copper and fibre fusion optimisation, and many other visionary developments.