Dodo is one of Australias’ most recognisable brands across multiple industries. Dodo is a market leader in Telecommunications, power & gas and is rapidly growing in the insurance space.

Internet services from Dodo are great value and come packed with loads of features. Dodo broadband services include some of the best value unlimited broadband plans as well as super fast wireless broadband.

Dodo offers a range of mobile phone plans with competitive prices and low call rates. Mobile phone plans come with the latest handsets including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC and much more. Alternatively there are the optional BYO mobile plans which provide great value feature packs options.

With Dodo customers now have access to cheap home and contents insurance and cheap car insurance. Dodo insurance gives customers peace of mind with excellent coverage, customer support and quick turn-around times.

Dodo also offers power & gas services at some of the most competitive rates on the market, they also provide great discounts for customers who pay their bills before the due date.

Dodo Broadband Plans

  • DODO NBN 100GB 24 MONTHS (12 mbps typical evening speed)

    Type Contract Data Speed Monthly Price
    NBN 24 months 100GB Cost of Data per 1MB is $$0.0004 NBN Up to 12/1 MBPS $50.00 Total Min Cost: $1,200.00