When is the NBN coming to my area?

The NBN will be in your area if the right facilities are in place, and the basic network connections are established. To determine this, check the status in the local coverage area; the address is searched on NBN status maps and determined if NBN rollout is ready or not. It can also be checked with a retail service provider offering NBN, with additional options.


However, this works for specific areas. If we are to refer to a more general “area”, this opens it to other factors. An area may technically be in the coverage area, but a few specific locations may not yet be NBN ready. This is confirmed when a fibre optic line connection can be made from outside the premises and into the premises.

If confirmed, the subscriber can apply for an installation with an ISP of choice, and follows that company’s process. Most major areas and cities now have the basic facilities for an NBN connection. The more extensive the network is within inner cities and areas, the faster the process would take.

As mentioned, there are a few isolated cases of the NBN being in the area, but not declared available. This is specially the case for parts of otherwise coverage areas where a solid fibre connection source cannot be established. There are a couple of options for these situations:

* The ISP will install a temporary broadband format that is more feasible, until the premises become NBN ready, and an upgrade to the NBN will be done with no cost to the subscriber (unless extra construction work or other external factors deem it necessary).

* The subscriber to be waits it out until the roll out process to the specific area is completed, or when the extra work needed for an NBN-ready status is confirmed. The subscriber can then directly apply for NBN and a pre- installation process is done. An Installation appointment is set to receive the NBN.

Then, we also have the many remote, rural, regional, offshore, and outback locations that are gradually being covered and added to the network. But there are complications to consider, and schedules and timeframes determined. It basically follows the same process, but there are also other options that one can take: for one, the NBN format available. Most of these areas can already have NBN, in its Fixed Wireless and Satellite NBN format.

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