What is NBN Fixed Wireless ?

NBN Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless NBN

This is an NBN format with no fibre optic cables used in transmission. It uses wireless NBN towers in a fixed location to transmit signals and data to another fixed location. Any fibre optic cable connections end at these towers. Their transmissions are picked up by an antenna receiver in the subscriber’s premises. It is largely available in most rural, regional, and distant areas where fibre optic cable networks have a hard time reaching.

To date, Australia’s NBN Fixed Wireless is considered the top wireless broadband service around the globe. Maximum speeds of 50/20Mbps are now reached, with 25/5Mbps rates as the current average.

How do you get this format?

Fixed Wireless NBN is the default format for most rural, regional, and distant areas that are mostly outside the metro. Majority of the time, this will be the available format for people living in these areas and around their vicinity.

It is the most effective way to provide fast and reliable broadband internet outside the major metro areas where the fibre optic cable network is hard to install and out of reach. Major cities
and areas already have Fixed Line NBN and other fibre optic cable based line connections. Addresses from these areas will use these formats.

How does it differ from Satellite NBN?

Satellite NBN is available mostly to the more distant and remote areas as well as offshore locations that are already unreachable by Fixed Wireless NBN. It is also known as the Sky Muster
Satellite service. It works by the orbiting satellites picking up transmissions from a ground station and directing them to satellite dish receivers installed at the subscriber’s premises. It
operates at an average speed of 25/5Mbps. Currently, we have ten ground stations and two Sky Muster satellites in operation.