The NBN Integrated Modern Office

An NBN upgraded office, business, company, or corporation will feel the impact of the service almost immediately. The inclusion of a National Broadband Network with all the aspects of the modern office helps companies keep up with the pace and tech trends of today’s industry standards.
Two most determining factors are the inherent speed of the connection, and high performance connectivity with none or almost no signal fall outs. These two main features distinguish an NBN backed network from the rest. They enable high speed, big data activities, and advanced telecommunications to work in the office environment, as well as all its other aspects, including other external operations.

Office Operations with the NBN

There are main elements in the office setting as a micro unit inside the company / corporate whole that benefits the most in the use of the NBN. One of the most obvious differences is in the use of extensive and private / limited access networks working with huge data and analysis. This is where the main advantages work for Cloud and other network based access, as well as file transfers, and network sharing.

In general terms, most work activities are heightened, from ordinary research and large file sharing, downloading, and sending back and forth in many industries related to IT and advanced data processes. This is where NBN powered offices are able to keep up with the pace of increasingly modernised global offices and businesses in general.

This is also applicable with regards to workforce, business data analysis, CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems and cloud based research tools. This gives them the step ahead in modernising everyday processes and maintenance. Most of which are directly related to online elements, telecommunications, marketing, and content. Industry direction is already headed towards Cloud based apps and software for CRM systems by 2018, as Forbes magazine predicted.

Operations managers, business analysts, web admins, and those involved in online and telecoms operations are the key beneficiaries along with the systems they use. These would not keep up with the industry’s pace if not for the backing of the NBN.

Office Telecommunications

Another big leap in terms of tech trends and standards today: Advanced Telecommunications and video conferencing. These are also main aspects of the office in any company at any level with local and global communications. This works alongside emails and other applications using multimedia and large files for correspondence, file exchanges, as well as presentations. Communications no longer need to be an issue when it comes the office setting as there are multiple options and now all powered by the NBN.

Having these facilities with the speed and reliable connectivity of the NBN ensures clear cut communications at all times with no buffering and signal loss. This applies within local industry circles or contacts with clients abroad. When regular lines of communication are unavailable, newer communication apps are the other options, and are used across other devices aside from PC’s and Macs.

In line with this is also the growth of multi-device accessibility and connectivity within the office. With many communications apps and programs across all devices, along with file processing and programs, work and other files can all be opened, created, modified and saved anywhere from PC’s, smartphones, tablets, and to laptops, and seamlessly too. This creates collaborations on a global level without any worry with regards to speed and connection reliability.

Although this can be easily scoffed at by employees with no chance of “work escape”, these advantages provide for all-access work uniformity and convenience no matter where and how many gadgets and devices can be used. Outside situations such as working at home, on a working vacation, on location work, and other settings also benefit from this immensely. It also enables work and file share across devices no matter the size, and importantly, at high speeds that simply won’t work with older broadband formats.

And yet another advantage with modern telecoms is the business formatted phone hotline that has pre-recorded menus, options, call forwarding, and voice recording. This ensures proper call handling for all external communications. In fact, many NBN plans usually come paired with these features for phone lines. Not only are the lines NBN powered for speed, connectivity, and clear lines, they are also business appropriate, and are in line with global business standards.

Miscellaneous / External / Indirect Office Operations

The NBN is also an advantage when it comes to external office operations. Among them are payroll, finance, online banking, payments, indirect communications, facilities, other non-regular devices and more. Other elements such as VOIP phone communications, call center facilities, alarms, notification devices, and other online indirect and passive connections also streamline operations aside from the main operations.

And while main devices commonly used in offices such as VOIP phones, hotlines, fax machines and such may not be direct “telecommunications” elements of the office, they are communications facilities on their own, albeit external and / or non-voice. By migrating these lines to the NBN, and some adjustments, their processes are sped up and are up to speed and global business standards.

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