NBN Rollout Map

Check if NBN is available in your area

The NBN Rollout Map is an essential NBN site element. This is where the exact address is appraised, confirmed, and determined for NBN eligibility. It is the first step towards getting the NBN into your premises. An address search will show availability, rollout status, and the NBN format available in most cases. Some search maps will be able to also include the disconnection date.

The Rollout ID is also included in some. This ID number can be used for applying for NBN and checking further information, such as the area’s region grouping, and in many cases, the type of NBN property, which is either a Brownfield or Greenfield property. This may be able to give us further information on the process to be done on the property, and rough timeframe to expect.

NBN availability statuses are as follows:

A. Service Available (NBN Ready)
B. Build Commenced (Initialised and in progress)
C. Build Preparation (To be initialised)

D. Remediation (Telstra work to prepare for rollout)
E. 3 Year Plan (an older rollout status indicating the first rollout phase)
F. Wireless Tower (NBN Wireless format)