NBN Top Five Broadband TV Features

When you get Fetch TV with NBN, it is basically setting up the most advanced broadband entertainment hub for your home. Traditional TV programming is no longer the only option today. Fetch TV has wider options and choices, and even more control for your TV viewing and online entertainment. Control and choices are given emphasis here.



There are five main features of Fetch TV that sets it apart, and why this is the most advanced broadband entertainment option today. This is aside from having the NBN to back it up for speeds that eliminate buffering, and slow loading.

* Ad-free options

There are ad-free options available for Movies on Demand and TV On Demand which means watching on your own time. Watch all the way through, and onto the next show or episode with no interruptions. And no worries on speed and reliability, because you have the NBN behind it.

* Watch at your own time

The option to see the regular schedule shows on your preferred time is a highlight of Fetch TV. No more excuses of missing them. Schedule your favourites at your own time, view at your own pace, and straight those full series when you can, anytime. And record from up to six channels without even being there to manually set it. Although others can do that with downloaded videos and series, TV shows cannot wait. But Fetch TV can.

* Pause and Rewind

Adam Sandler’s remote control TV movie “Click” is a reality – at least with any Fetch TV. Pause and Rewind what you’re viewing at any point. No need to miss anything from your favourites. This isn’t available on normal TV’s and broadband sets, and one of the key Fetch TV features that make it top shelf online entertainment.

* Automatic Recording

For those who have lived through the 80’s and 90’s, recording shows and episodes meant loading a video cassette into the VCR and to wait at the appropriate moment when to hit record. With Fetch TV, set up on schedule recording, and up to six channels to record from, at will. No need to manually set up all of these real time. Think of it as some sort of advanced TV recording secretary, if you will.

* Plenty of space for saving

If data space is your concern then you may want to consider with Max versions of the Fetch TV top box. With Fetch TV, you’re looking at 585 hours’ worth of SD recordings with a 1TB hard drive. The generous space load can be used to store newly recorded shows, or store a few favourites as archives. If the space is too small still, it only means you need to watch all of them now, or load even more new ones ASAP.

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