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The National Broadband Network is the solution to Australia’s fast growing broadband internet needs and demands. It uses fibre optic cable, a more reliable and faster delivering medium. It’s wider network coverage aims to bring faster and more reliable NBN internet across major cities and rural and regional areas as well. NBN fibre technology will soon replace all existing major copper broadband facilities. Now is the best time to keep up with the nationwide changes to broadband internet, as the NBN internet roll out continues across Australia until 2020 when fibre becomes the norm.

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The best NBN deal is just a click away. There is an NBN deal, plan, or bundle that will suit every type of customer.

NBN service providers

Top NBN Providers

NBN service providers offer an array of broadband offers and options with customer satisfaction in mind. This also comes with great customer service and reliable broadband internet, while providing value for money. Each has offerings that will answer specific subscriber needs.

For instance, Dodo is well known in the industry for offering the most affordable NBN plans. They cater to the general public with basic NBN demands. iPrimus on the other hand offers total control and flexibility for the more discerning users. This makes them more distinct than the rest.

Our Most Popular NBN Plan Comparison

Picking the RSP and the plan are two different decisions. The NBN Plan will be more specific and have the features to address individual or group NBN needs. Starting from the most affordable priced plan, this list refers you to some of the more popular offerings that you can avail of today. You can choose to go with either a monthly, 12 month, or 24 month plan based on each retailer’s terms. Take time to compare each by viewing the details on their sites to know more about what each company can offer.

ProviderContract OptionsPriced From
DodoMonth-to-Month | 12 Months | 24 Months$29.90
iPrimusMonth-to-Month | 12 Months | 24 Months$60
Commander24 Months$59.95
EnginMonth-to-Month | 24 Months$49.95

Unlimited NBN Plans Comparison

For subscribers that need an Unlimited Plan, we also have a list to help you decide. Unlimited NBN Plans come with their own set of terms, offerings, details, as well as price ranges. As well, you can compare and choose from this preferred list that best suits your NBN usage. Read the fine print from the RSP’s sites to help you choose your Unlimited NBN package deal.

ProviderData LimitPriced From
DodoUnlimited NBN$89.90
iPrimusUnlimited NBN$70
NBN Connection Speeds

NBN Connection Speeds

12/1 MBPS

This NBN connection speed tier is the most common, and is sufficient for individual use to small families. It can handle multiple devices, basic internet usage, home networks, and everyday life.

25/50 MBPS

Next up is the middle tier that goes well for heavy usage for individuals, families, and small groups. This NBN connection speed is good for online activities such as heavy downloads, HD streaming multimedia, home based work or business.

100/40 MBPS

It is the fastest speed tier, suitable for business and corporate use. The speeds and bandwidth is perfect for mass telecommunications, CLOUD based networks, and business / corporate online usage.

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NBN Rollout Plan

The NBN is currently underway for the NBN rollout process across Australia.

While majority of the cities and immediate outer regions have been processed, it is still going through other parts of the country.

Upon application for NBN, it will be determined what format will be most applicable, as well as the status, and when the installation can be achieved.

This can be confirmed with the RSP after doing a search of your premises on our roll out map.

NBN in my area

Check if Your Property is NBN Ready

This is the first crucial step to get the NBN to your premises. Enter your complete address at our roll out map and do a search to determine the NBN availability at your address.

NBN Network Technologies

See how different NBN networks stack up against each another

The NBN network is available in different formats and types, depending on what is available or suitable for a specific area. This also depends on the available technology and the type of infrastructure in the premises which can dictate what format is best applied and used.

Fixed Wireless NBN

NBN Fixed Wireless

This is mainly available in regional and rural areas, with a few other select territories. This is done due to easier facilitation of wireless NBN technology in these outer region areas. It is delivered via NBN towers to wireless receivers at the subscriber’s premises. Currently, Australia is the leading wireless fibre broadband leader in terms of quality and speed.


NBN FTTN Fibre to the Network

This type of connection uses the existing copper based network at the premises level. The fibre elements are up to the connection outside the premises, while the copper elements are those found already installed inside the premises. There is an FTTN cabinet usually used in the premises level connection to the outside source.


NBN FTTP Fibre to the Premises

This is the ideal NBN connection, which is whole fibre all the way through – from the source connection, to the premises. In ideal and optimal conditions, this can be done, provided there are no challenges in getting a continuous, wholly-fibre made connection.


In instances when there is an existing Cable network or Pay TV connection in the premises, an HFC connection is done. The fibre source outside will use this connection to get the NBN installed in the premises. It will also involve an NBN network device that needs a power source to operate.


NBN FTTB Fibre to the Building

This is similar to the FTTN model, using a cabinet to connect the fibre source outside to the premises. In this case, the property is a building or apartment block. The cabinet then becomes a multi-distribution point for several individual connections under one fibre node.

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