Selling Sports NBN

Selling Sports NBN

Sports fans and subscribers have their own category in the NBN world: Sports NBN is a separate section of Online Entertainment and Internet TV. Cricket, Aussie Football, Rugby, Motor sports and races, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Extreme Sports, etc. are all Sports (AND) Entertainment.

Advanced sports entertainment technology, Internet TV, and the NBN are the three main elements of NBN Sports: The level of advanced devices and entertainment technology, coupled with the more control options and user convenience of Internet TV, backed by the speed, power, and reliability of the NBN.

These contribute to its high demand today, aside from its big market share and popularity, even before the NBN came on. The numbers and specifics provided by NBN Co. pinpoint the considerable size and share of NBN Sports:

  • * 9 Million use broadband for sports entertainment.
  • * A total of 60 Million hours of sports content viewed by each household each week.
  • * 56% of sports online entertainment access are from millennials between 22 to 39, and 52% from the iGen age group who are aged from16 to 21 years old.
  • * They are followed by a 41% presence of Generation X (40 to 51) and the baby boomer seniors at 34% (52 to 64 years old).
  • * There are 3.5 Million who use multiple devices to access sports entertainment. Millennials account for 37% percent of this, while iGen has a 33% cut.
  • * Millennials watch 4.5 hours of sports a week; followed by iGen and the Baby Boomers at 4.3 each, and 4 hours for Generation X.
  • * Millennials and iGen youngsters are the two age groups that use 3 devices on average to get online sports content, with sources from social media and digital platforms (like YouTube TV and Netflix etc.)
  • * Millennials also registered the most interest in its future applications, namely Virtual Reality tech for sports at 43%.

How did it become such a lucrative and expansive market on a national scale? First is sports’ established following and media share from traditional TV and programming and from Cable TV. It successfully transitioned to online entertainment and from there, further expanded the format.

Today, sports NBN is made more attractive with all the advancements of the Internet TV revolution and technology, all powered by the NBN. Streaming in HD and 4K with more options and content are some of its main features.

Internet TV’s full control options, such as watch on demand, watch on your own time, with rewind and record options are delivered fast over the more reliable format of NBN fibre optics. Viewers no longer need to rely on the traditional TV networks and programming and be stuck with its limitations in terms of access, options, reliability, and scheduling.

Online Entertainment also continues to progress with advanced devices and technology. These are all tied in to advanced smart TV’s and the influx of new mobile and entertainment devices. The most recent and promising is its multi-device access options, and the Virtual Reality applications which will open even more new worlds to modern sports entertainment.

Sports TV NBN has many facets, and different types of access as a product. It is also and available in specific packages or bundles that will sell good to many subscribers. There are also options that earn (generate more) revenue.

Special products and services such as Multi-device access and availability, Pay-Per-View events on demand, exclusive channels, and exclusive content can be added on anytime in order to have instant access to programming that is worlds away from regular and traditional TV viewing. They also offer exclusive, attractive Sports TV bundles and promos not available elsewhere.

NBN service providers all have their tie-ins and events that involve local sports teams, just like what NBN Co. also does. Events sponsorships and tie-ups are other avenues by which the company and the retailers give back to and support the sports scenes. These events create more awareness of the internet companies’ partnerships with sports in more direct manners.

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