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Test your speed for free! offers free broadband speed test that will help you evaluate the actual speed of your current broadband connection. From the results of your test, we will help you find a faster, more reliable broadband plan that suits your internet connection needs.

Follow these three easy steps to get the most accurate result:

  • Step No. 1: Close or exit any applications currently running on your computer.
  • Step No. 2: Enter the details of your Internet connection package.
  • Step No. 3: Run the broadband speed test.


How does broadband speed test work?

Broadband speed test allows you to evaluate the actual speed of your Internet connection. This solution helps you verify if your Internet service provider is delivering the connection speed they promised by measuring three fundamental attributes – download speed, upload speed and the quality (packet loss and latency).

  • Download speed: The speed at which data is transferred from the Internet to your computer
  • Upload speed: The speed at which data is transferred from your computer to the Internet
  • Ping: Affected by latency – the time it takes for data to be sent from your computer to the Internet and back.


Why do broadband speed test results vary?

Results vary because the actual connection speed is affected by several significant factors:

  • Computer specs
  • Network congestion
  • Server and the routing speed of the websites your visit
  • Condition of telephone wiring or cable wiring in your location
  • Distance from the telephone exchange (for DSL services)
  • Number of users that access the Internet (for cable Internet services)