Where is NBN available?

NBN availability is dependent on the exact location of the premises. Available NBN is based on NBN Co.’s roll out campaign; a Point of Interconnect or POI is one of the most important elements to set up NBN in an area – It is a direct link to the main NBN hub. This enables connections to be established. Once a service provider has this, it can formally process connections.


A retailer ISP that has a dedicated POI will be able to set up installations and make the NBN available. A fibre connection can then be set up from this point and taken into the premises to finalise the connection. Gradually, the roll out is aimed at covering major urban areas, and reach all rural, regional, remote and also outback and offshore locations.

Availability is confirmed by looking up the exact address on an NBN status map, which will show if it or the immediate area is NBN-ready. One can also contact the retailer ISP’s for that area to confirm the status of availability. NBN may be present in the vicinity, but the exact address of the premises might not be NBN-ready. This will take extra work in order to bring a source connection to the premises.

Availability issues can be addressed with alternative options. Technically, NBN will be available and the subscriber is on a priority list; a wait-and-see option wherein a subscriber is put on a waiting list while a rollout status is completed. The subscriber either waits it out, and/ or is offered an alternate broadband service that will be instantly upgradeable to NBN at no extra costs once the area and premises are NBN-ready.

For other situations, NBN is technically available, but not in the first or preferred choice NBN format. For example, the subscriber might want a fixed line NBN service, but a wireless format, such as Fixed Wireless and Satellite NBN may be the only formats to get.

To address specific NBN format availability, the NBN Co. has a Technology Choice Program, where a subscriber or a group of subscribers in an area can request a specific NBN format to be made available. This may involve extra costs and longer timeframes, depending on the extra work and expenses needed. It is also subject to company decisions if the request is plausible and if the needed elements can be sourced.

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